Томатный сок
Яблочно-грушевый сок
Яблочно-вишневый сок
Яблочно-смородиновый сок
Яблочный сок
Яблочный сок
(упаковка Bag-in-Box)

The main hallmark of the COMPANY “SADOVOE KOLTSO” LTD is 100% natural apple juice of direct extraction “SADOVOE KOLTSO”™. The laboratory studies of our product confirm the lack of: pesticides, GMOs, harmful bacterias and microorganisms in it.

The 100% natural juice of direct extraction “SADOVOE KOLTSO”™ complies with European standard of juice NFC (Not from Concentrate), Ukrainian state standard 656-79 named "Fruit and berry juice natural», that’s why we guarantee our customers a consistently high quality of the finished product.

Apple juice, as well as apples is the most common and popular product in our regions. It has earned its high popularity because of naturalness, excellent taste, beautiful assimilation and its useful properties to the organism. In our juice we don’t add: sugar, water, concentrates, colorants, flavorings and other chemicals.

The juice is packed in aseptic packaging type “Bag in box” with sealed tap that prevents ingress of oxygen into the juice that allows keeping the product longer. With this package the product retains its properties for 9 months and after opening it can be used over a month.

“SADOVOE KOLTSO”™ offers juice in packages of 2 L, 3 L, 5 L, 10 L with tap. The convenient packaging and large volume of juice allow enriching the diet of all family members and greatly facilitate its storage. We guarantee that you will get maximum pleasure and quality at affordable price.

The use of 100% natural juice of direct extraction stabilizes the cardiovascular and nervous systems, normalize digestion, improves intestinal motility, stimulates metabolism, accelerates cell renewal, provides detoxification, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect.

The juice of “SADOVOE KOLTSO”™ is the taste of childhood!